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Marianne Vancleemput - West-Vlaamse Intercommunale (WVI)

“Already paid a lot for software and data that goes unused. Oktow takes a different approach, the basic version of the platform is free, it's the services you pay for to process the data and make analyses.”  

Over ons

Oktow, your partner in every phase of your energy transition and optimization.

Energy saved is an investment well spent.


Sensoring &
Data Forwarding
Energy Partner
& Service

Complete peace of mind - we're with you from A to Z.

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Who are we & what can we do for you? But most importantly, who are you? Do you already have an installation waiting to be integrated, or do new meters need to be installed in your installation? Do you have meters located outside that need to be processed wirelessly?

Our Sales Sheriff engages in an open dialogue with you so that we can take everything into account.




In collaboration with the technical project team, the best solution is developed for you. This proposal will be discussed with you personally so that you know what to expect and how we will approach it.


Project Phase


"Oktow takes care of the installation and/or integration of the measuring components, depending on your needs. As a customer, you have one point of contact from the start. And because we handle the installation ourselves, the transition to the platform is completely seamless, and you won't notice a thing. No delays, accurate and validated data, and a quick start to the service contract.


Oktow Energy Partner


As soon as data is available on our Oktow Data Platform, we get to work. We discuss with you the setup of the platform, giving it a very personal touch. Once everything is in place, we will guide you through the platform by providing targeted training so that you can also monitor your installation in real-time.

Throughout the duration of the SLA, we will support you with advice and action, provide you with reporting, and assist you with certification and new energy-saving measures.






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