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Energy Routing

With 'Energy Routing,' we take it a step further together. We use data to intelligently manage energy and link it to 'commands.' Think, for example, of controlling heat pumps based on the currently produced power. Energy from the grid or self-produced? Energy demand management, we handle it cleverly!

Case - DTplan HQ

With 'Energy Routing,' we, in the tandem DTplan - Oktow, take a step further than merely mapping data or programming. We use the data to intelligently manage energy and also link commands to it.


Internally, we have a setup where we combine our hardware knowledge with the power of smart software. The site is equipped with two duo charging stations. The charging stations are powered either by the battery connected to the solar panels or by grid power. Our Oktow Energy Routing Software determines the source at any time of the day. The choice made by our system is based on the generated solar energy, the capacity of the battery, and the instantaneous price of grid power. Additionally, well-defined assets are crucial. If we receive a command from our energy supplier to shut down during peak rates, then the energy from the battery is used for the charging stations, HVAC systems, and the production workshop. The reverse is, of course, also true.


The case not only considers today's energy transition but also exposes several current topics. How do we, as a company but also as individuals, handle volatile energy prices more intelligently? What is the impact of the electrification of our fleet? Why does it remain (fiscally) interesting to continuously monitor and manage energy?

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