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Energy Metering

Energy Metering is the most practiced and comprehensive branch within our story. Smart management of your energy is gaining importance rapidly (fortunately). An old cliché, but it is quite fitting: 'measurement is knowledge!' Oktow visits you, maps out the current situation, and discusses your needs. We develop a 'monitoring plan' and support you with consultancy and advice. Energy Metering consists of 5 steps for us.

You determine in which of those steps we guide you and how far we go in that process.


During a visit, we listen to your needs and map out the current installations.


Energy Measurement
We install or replace meters including the wiring or provide a wireless solution.


Data Management
We centralize the data and push it to the cloud. Integration with a third-party system can also be established.


Energy Monitoring Software
The Oktow Software-as-a-Service ensures that your data is available 24/7 in real-time. In a fixed collaboration agreement, you have unlimited access to the Oktow Data Platform.


Energy Consultancy
We analyze and evaluate the measurement results. Our experts discuss the results with you at fixed intervals, provide clarity, and propose optimizations.

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De Vleugels - Support Facility - Houthulst


The spacious site is located in the center of Klerken and consists of about ten buildings: residential units, central reception, dining facilities (with their own kitchen), buildings for supporting functions, laundry facilities... Oktow provides the complete trajectory in the context of energy optimization. Visualization, reporting, and analysis are included.

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